Marcia Thompson


in the catologue of this exhibition

with Zadok Ben-David, Peter Ravin Callesen, A K Dolven, Asa Elzen, Avish Khebrezadeh,Meekyoung Shin, Jane Simpson, Ahn Sunghee, Marcia Thompson and Cecilia Westerberg.

The exhibition 'telltale' is about narrative and narrative form, personal and racial memory, simple and archetypes, personal stories and fairy tales...

Marcia's starting points are well-defined forms of everybody objects such as memo pad, music sheets or geometric acryl boxes. She fills these impersonal space with simple and strongly personal pencil drawings or other objects of her choice. We see in her work a fusion of spacial and temporal narrative in a manner which was thought only possible in moving media, but now shown here with almost bloody-minded adherence to repetitious of geometric form of her choice.

Jiyoon Lee

Seoul, 2005.