Marcia Thompson

Chance Encounters

3 contemporary artists from Brazil

Maria Moreira, Renata Padovan and Marcia Thompson

Gallery 32 - Brazilian Embassy in London


Chance is also a key element in the making of Marcia Thompson's three-dimensional monochrome objects, in which an unorthodox interaction of materials produces unexpected visual and textural effects.

The traditional support of the painting surface turns into a stalactite-like topography made solid by 'sculpting' pure oil paint. Deprived of colour and mutated into erectile volumes, her paintings seem to create comtemporary echoes of those neo-concrete experiments of the 1950s that sent paintings into suspension; by making them leap from the wall to the air.

In another piece, Thompson's use of the simple effect of natural light hitting a plastic surface draw with silicone to produce shadows against the back wall, is a beautiful act of reconciliation between art and the world that surrounds us. In her pieces, the frame is not a back support for the materials, but a translucent box that embraces and cointains universes of organic-looking growth. Lumps of plaster reach out behind the acrylic skin - or grow out of the wall - silicon glue and wax mass are squashed by the box, while hundreds of paper cuts pile up inside it as pure volume.


Gabriela Salgado

London, 2005