Marcia Thompson

Casa Triângulo

in the folder of this exhibition

What's there beyond the canvas? Volumes of paint fixed in big or small planes that suggestively give evidence about the movement of genetic atoms. They move in space in the imminence to find a form of orderliness. Marcia constructs, this way, a virtual geometry. It is the persistence of the eye that finds the harmony in what has yet to come.

The volumes, emerging from the mono-cromatic plane, bring within them the mark of the intentionality, fruits of an individual and unique action. However, it is the articulation of the whole that complete the meaning of the work.

The painting presents itself as a small section of the cosmos. There, the chance and the need emerge intermediated by the painting. The support is the surface. It is from there that new possibilities of being are dreamt up.

The first step resides in diluting the obvious. The painting is then taken up again as a silent means of poetry. The painting has died. Long live the painting!

A. Hirsch

Rio de Janeiro, 1993